Sea Monster Spotted in Boise River

I spotted a sea monster in the Boise River along the greenbelt trail bicycling home from Boise State on March 1, 2017 and recorded photos and video.

At first I thought it was a beaver, but then it looked like a sea turtle, and then, it clearly wasn’t a sea turtle.

If you like being on a bike, get out on a bicycle (and get home safe).

Video Experiment: Tilt Shift Time Lapse

I’ve seen this effect in several videos and wanted to see how easy/difficult it is to accomplish this in Adobe Premiere (since I don’t have a tilt shift lens). Framing the shot and getting the best focal length was the most difficult. I’m shooting on a Canon t3i at 17mm (APS-C) and would like to have gone wider. I wonder too if having only one axis of focus would sell the effect better? I’ll have to find another angle further back somewhere. But, the high angle seems to be an essential characteristic of this effect.

I learned how to do this effect thanks to Rob and Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips YouTube Channel.

The Garden Wars

Stop-motion personal project I tried to complete in two days over Thanksgiving break while the family worked remotely.

It’s the Chickens vs. the Ducks in the Beulah Valley! What happens when “The Rab” (a sneaky rabbit) infiltrates the garden and “Wings” (protector of the garden) discovers his sister, Henrietta, has been “porching” with Blue Boy?

The original story called for five parts, but because stop-motion is so time-intensive, you only see parts 1 and 5 here. This short is comprised of 611 photos, many used multiple times and the story and music was written, shot/recorded and edited in two days.

Created November 2014.

A Moment Standing Still – Solstice 2016 Playlist

Winter Solstice–a moment the earth stands still before approaching perihelion, its coming closest to Earth–the magnetic magnitude fully felt–when electricity shifts and wind, and we turn slowly again toward the light. But until that turning, I can’t not look into where I’m becoming. Share the light

The term solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium. Containing the Latin sol- meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand.” (via

  1. Go – Gracie and Rachel
  2. Eyes Shut – Ólafur Arnalds and Alice Sara Ott – The Chopin Project
  3. Winter Darkness – Nils Økland and Georg Buljo – Neve
  4. Dark Sea – Lumen Drones
  5. Månelyst – Nils Okland
  6. Tiptoe – Gracie and Rachel
  7. Over Tones – Benedicte Maurseth and Åsne Valland Nordli – Over Tones
  8. Primo Capriccio – Eleanor Frey
  9. Fjöll í austri fagurblá – Sigur Rós featuring Steindór Andersen
  10. Yoik of the Wind
  11. Frates – Arvo Pärt composer, performed by Lana Trotovsek violin and Yoko Misumi piano
  12. Horisont – Nils Økland
  13. How to Pray – David Lang
  14. “My Heart’s in the Highlands” from the film “The Great Beauty” – Arvo Pärt composer, Robert Burns poet, Else Torp soprano
  15. Heysátan – Sigur Rós
  16. Ø – Nils Økland
  17. Nordafjells – Benedicte Maurseth
  18. RE – Nils Økland
  19. Lux Aeterna – György Ligeti
  20. The Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughan Williams composer, Hilary Hahn violin

Knowledge Distracts

knowledge distracts us from our main purpose in life - tarkovsky

I heard this quote from Andrei Tarkovsky, that “knowledge distracts us from our main purpose in life,” in an interview/homage video titled “A Tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky” by “Five Minute Movies” on YouTube. The video captures some of Tarkovsky’s thoughts on art and life and that, for some, art is a spiritual pursuit. These ideas are more fully realized in his excellent collection of essays on filmmaking and art, “Sculpting in Time (Amazon).”

Beam Me Here Now


Beam Me Here Now

“I saw you beam down just now,” he says to me as I was tweeting about wanting a vegetarian corndog which may be more surreal than the conversation that followed. And I knew we would have a conversation–he had that look as he approached me on the sidewalk just past the intersection at Broadway and Myrtle.

“Which ship are you from? ‘X’ or ‘Y’,” he asked me. “X” and “Y” represent the names that I didn’t not hear clearly and that I did not recognize or know. He had a split in his lower lip–the kind of split more likely because of the cold dry air in Boise at the beginning of December than getting hit.

“I don’t think either,” I replied looking up from my phone and facing him. “Then are you from ‘Z’,” he asked suggesting he knew I was from elsewhere. Again, “Z” simply represents the name of a planet, or place, I’m not familiar with.

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Night. [creative nonfiction]

night. an essay on skateboarding

One amber halogen light above a yellow parking block in the warm calm of crickets and cicadas. Fifteen minutes in and this is all there is in the world. Everything distilled to truck or deck, nose or tail.

1984. $200 worth of fixing the lawnmower and cutting summer heat Arkansas grass. Air filters, spark plugs, gas, and grass and grass and then Gulf Shores, Alabama. Church group, alligator crossing signs between the black water lakes and the whitest of white beaches, bikinis and bikinis and becoming—14-year-old body and mind not in sync—stay focused, Hot Tropics Skate Shop. The Gator, Indy 169’s, pink vision Shredders (88A’s so soft I could ride on hard packed gravel), Rib Bones, nose and tail guards(?)(!)—initiation rites.

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