Die Augenblick

She was doing her mascara. I remember it was a Wednesday afternoon in early April. The wind was beginning to blow off the Pacific through San Francisco. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch. Probably sushi and then back at the office answered some HR questions, called someone about the executive director’s retreat. The air was warmer that afternoon. She was doing her mascara. I left the office around 5:30 to avoid the initial after work traffic on Market Street, crossed Mission Street, new dot coms on the corner. Everyone seemed happy, it felt like spring. Everything in that moment seemed like that moment. She was doing her mascara. The sun setting on the Oakland hills was amber, golden, warmer than yesterday. We were all going home at the end of the work day. Another motorcyclist passed me, maybe going too fast, probably just enjoying the light traffic. She was doing her mascara. I noticed smoke coming off her tires, the black Maxima sliding at sixty-five miles per hour into my lane, the motorcyclist in front of me going down, the feel of the left-hand clutch lever, the car hitting the concrete wall, and then –

A great waterfall – haiku poem by Shinoda Teijirō

A great waterfall
its steady roar joined
by autumn’s voices

– Shinoda Teijirō

# # #

Today is the first day of Autumn 2016 and when I ran across this haiku poem by Shinoda Teijirō on this blog post about autumn in Japan, along with these video clips, they seemed to fit together. The video was taken in August 2015 on a family trip in Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming where I found the poem “August Light” for my dear friend Terri.

A Watch Winding Down 1967

Oh yes, then I’ll wear my red dress
so we’ll look purposeful together
to people we might meet at the supermarket.

It’s important to present purpose
to present, to pretend to present purpose
to people at the supermarket so I’ll wear red
lipstick and stockings and a white purse.

It’s important to present purpose
purses present the pretense of purpose
the prefix of Mrs.

In dresses we’ll look purposeful together
we’ll wear red smiles and pearl necklaces
so they’ll see our purpose
purses filled with husbands’ money
our purpose at the supermarket
to present our purses and red dresses
red dresses, red dresses, from addresses
in suburbia we’ll present purpose.

Mrs. in dresses at the supermarket
mark it, mark it, on your calendar at two
and I’ll wear my red dress
so we’ll look purposeful together
to people we might meet at the supermarket.

It’s important to present purpose
white purses, red dresses, red dresses
we’ll leave from addresses in suburbia
at two o’clock in the afternoon
we’ll re-dress, redress, redress . . .

from “Liner Notes: Poems” by Jeffery Oliver. 2010.

Birdwatching in the Hegemony OR That Time Dick Cheney Shot His Friend in the Face on Accident

Feel: quarter note equals about like Jaco Pastorius playing Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee”. For Ex-Vice President Cheney

Crow Knees
bend backwards
in the Bush
by the no trespassing

Crow Knees
are backwards
hopping sockless
in a green dumpster
can’t see outside the box

Crow Knees
are Crow Knees
they bend backwards
bend back
into fine black
feathers unseen as they fly
and shit where they want

Crow Knees bend
are backwards
do not care
for quail
a bang!
and backwards
a Crow Knee

are CrowKnees
and bend backwards
for CrowKnees
bend backwards
for CrowKnees
been backwards

from “Liner Notes: Poems” by Jeffery Oliver, 2010

These are the things

poem - these are the things

These are all the things that fit there are rarely more than this that fit inside a box for storing paper pages but not a book a record of a thing done when the exchange is said to be mutual things done make the money go around an office people paper pushed here or there as if to say the world we pursue is two dimensional and no one really needs a wheel barrow after all but these can cut you like a knife if you’re not paying attention.

[ephemerata poem – June 16, 2016]

First Currant Harvest at Sunset Grove

First organic currant harvest at Sunset Grove! We’re utilizing the guild gardening method (permaculture) to create edible ornamental gardens and it’s starting to come together. We get a lot of insight from the Laughing Duck Permaculture collective here in Idaho.

The red currants are so yummy and the black currants have a dense earthy taste–so yummy directly from the earth and sun. I’m going to throw these in the dehydrator and see what happens.