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While we sleep the story grows

desert morning July 28, 2015

The desert in the morning glows with the radiant warmth of yesterday’s sun as if, when the world ends, this is the last place people will be alive. There’s a quiet in Rimrock unlike anywhere I’ve been. A breeze moves through the morning around 4:30am and dusts us with stories for the day while we sleep off the unfinished stories of yesterday.

– journal entry from July 28, 2015 while working on the film “Of Dust and Bones.”

Poe’s Poetic Principle

In speaking of the Poetic Principle, I have no design to be either thorough or profound.

Ed Poe's Poetic Principle

– Edgar Allan Poe [The Poetric Principle at Project Gutenberg]

Martin Scorsese by King Missile

I was a huge King Missile fan when I had more time for nonsense. Trying to reclaim that:

August Light (for Terri)

august light bison header

I live lifetimes forgotten
please forgive me
as I feel my way
I accumulate the past
into this my body
pieces of then and now
reflections dispersed
stardust found its way
through light into water
into this very breath

Kevin, the ‘Little Red Bastard’

I found “Kevin, The Little Red Bastard” at a pawn shop for $60 and gave him a makeover. Summer 2014.


Poco a Poco Music Terminology – Poco a Poco

Poco a Poco

Poco a poco is an Italian phrase that literally means “little by little.” In music, poco a poco is used along with another musical term to mean gradually or over time. For example, to indicate that musicians should gradually become louder, we write cresc. poco a poco. In music, cresc. is an abbreviation for the word crescendo which means to get louder.

I’m fascinated by patience and the gradual in our lives. What is required to become our true and full selves? I’m exploring these ideas in the film with the working title, “Poco a Poco.”

Visit the “Poco a Poco” film website to see how Elisabeth Mikkelsen faces herself after the sudden death of her grandfather and a forced change of career.

“Poco a Poco” is a feature film project now in development. It’s a micro-budget, independent digital film project. Poco a poco is an Italian music term that means gradually over time. Visit the Poco a Poco film website to learn more about how Elisabeth Mikkelsen’s life changes when her grandfather dies suddenly and she must confront her grief and herself in order to become who she truly is.

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