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The Garden Wars

It’s the Chickens vs. the Ducks in the Beulah Valley. Continue reading

A Watch Winding Down 1967

Oh yes, then I’ll wear my red dress
so we’ll look purposeful together
to people we might meet at the supermarket.

It’s important to present purpose
to present, to pretend to present purpose Continue reading

The Other Side of Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year in Alaska and probably other places too Continue reading


One amber halogen light above a yellow parking block in the warm calm of crickets and cicadas. Fifteen minutes in and this is all there is in the world. Everything distilled to truck or deck, nose or tail.

1984. $200 worth of fixing the lawnmower and cutting summer heat Arkansas grass. Continue reading

The Little Red Bastard

I met Kevin, The Little Red Bastard at a pawn shop and gave him a makeover in the summer of 2014. Check out the before and after photos.

Kevin, The Little Red Bastard

Lo Tikadi ti Ada

“Lo Tikadi ti Ada” is a choral work using made up language.

Birdwatching in the Hegemony

Feel: quarter note equals about like Jaco Pastorius playing Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee”. For Ex-Vice President Cheney

Crow Knees
bend backwards
in the Bush
Continue reading

It’s Under The Leaves

The lights are on but she’s not around
there’s mud on the stairs and the shovel is gone
footprints at the window lead back to the woods
a cigarette smolders near a pile of dead leaves

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