birdwatching in the hegemony poem for dick cheney

Feel: quarter note equals about like Jaco Pastorius playing Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee”. For Ex-Vice President Cheney

Crow Knees
bend backwards
in the Bush
by the no trespassing

Crow Knees
are backwards
hopping sockless
in a green dumpster
can’t see outside the box

Crow Knees
are Crow Knees
they bend backwards
bend back
into fine black
feathers unseen as they fly
and shit where they want

Crow Knees bend
are backwards
do not care
for quail
a bang!
and backwards
a Crow Knee

are CrowKnees
and bend backwards
for CrowKnees
bend backwards
for CrowKnees
been backwards

from “Liner Notes: Poems” by Jeffery Oliver, 2008