“One More Phone Call” is a mediation poem on our complicity of want and need and over production in the West. It’s presented here as a videopoem. This video was originally used as a backdrop when I would read this poem in performance. It’s less effective as a stand-alone video, but I enjoy the meditative quality.

After reading this poem out loud at a reading, I realized it was longer than many people could maintain focus (poetry readings are tough even when they’re really good). After the first reading, I created a video backdrop, similar to what you see here. I would read the poem out loud with the video backdrop along with Philip Glass’s symphonic piece “Facades.”

With the video here, I wanted to see if I could create a stand alone videopoem that one could watch without the benefit of a live reading. When I watch this as a meditation, it works. When I watch this as a video, I feel it’s a little slow.

The clips were shot on a Sony MiniDV Camcorder. The mountain and water shots were filmed along Turnagain Arm just south of Anchorage, Alaska on a 15 degree February day. The batteries would last about 25 minutes at a time and I’d have to warm them in my jacket pocket.

Poem, music and video by Jeffery Oliver