Winter Solstice–a moment the earth stands still before approaching perihelion, its coming closest to Earth–the magnetic magnitude fully felt–when electricity shifts and wind, and we turn slowly again toward the light. But until that turning, I can’t not look into where I’m becoming. Share the light

The term solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium. Containing the Latin sol- meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand.” (via

  1. Go – Gracie and Rachel
  2. Eyes Shut – Ólafur Arnalds and Alice Sara Ott – The Chopin Project
  3. Winter Darkness – Nils Økland and Georg Buljo – Neve
  4. Dark Sea – Lumen Drones
  5. Månelyst – Nils Okland
  6. Tiptoe – Gracie and Rachel
  7. Over Tones – Benedicte Maurseth and Åsne Valland Nordli – Over Tones
  8. Primo Capriccio – Eleanor Frey
  9. Fjöll í austri fagurblá – Sigur Rós featuring Steindór Andersen
  10. Yoik of the Wind
  11. Frates – Arvo Pärt composer, performed by Lana Trotovsek violin and Yoko Misumi piano
  12. Horisont – Nils Økland
  13. How to Pray – David Lang
  14. “My Heart’s in the Highlands” from the film “The Great Beauty” – Arvo Pärt composer, Robert Burns poet, Else Torp soprano
  15. Heysátan – Sigur Rós
  16. Ø – Nils Økland
  17. Nordafjells – Benedicte Maurseth
  18. RE – Nils Økland
  19. Lux Aeterna – György Ligeti
  20. The Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughan Williams composer, Hilary Hahn violin