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Independence Day: It Happens All the Time [poem]

Independence Day poem by Jeffery Oliver

Once there was a group of people living in a place called America. These people were new to America and had the same blood as people who lived in a place called England. The people in England made up ideas about the people in America with the same blood and one of these ideas was to tell the people in America, “You must give us money because of the blood.”

The people in England just made it up and were very pleased. The people in America with the same blood as the people from England called this taxation without representation and didn’t agree that blood had anything to do with who they were. They were independent of the blood.

The people in England explained that they would come to America and take back the blood that was English from the people living in America who had the same blood as the people from England.

Blood is an important part of life and the process to remove blood from someone not willing to give it is called war. War takes no imagination but this is what happened next and it happens all the time.

NOTE 1: This poem started with the idea of how riding a bicycle is, for me, the feeling of freedom. Not sure what happened.

NOTE 2: The music was recorded on a homemade cigar box guitar. More on that project soon. Maybe.

NOTE 3: The painting, “Surrender of General Burgoyne,” was painted December 1, 1821, by John Trumbull, an American painter.


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