By the end of April 2017 I was ready to volunteer somewhere in Boise. Let me explain: we moved to Boise in August 2012, purchased a fixer-upper in October 2012, and moved into said fixer-upper in September 2013. I think that’s right. In other words, we moved to Boise and got busy remodeling a 1952 farmhouse pretty much immediately and did that for 18 months before the place was fully livable. It’s still pink but the point is that at the end of April 2017 I was really needing to volunteer somewhere. Volunteering has been a part of my life since, well, my life, and I’m so grateful to my parents for modeling this for me (they’re awesome people. I hope you get to meet them some day).

On April 25, 2017, I went over to Boise Bicycle Project to a volunteer orientation. It was awesome. They do it right and I figured I would spend a couple nights a month taking apart bicycles or cleaning bathrooms. At the end of the evening I was talking with Kelly, the BBP development director, and it slipped that I like doing video. I did a quick and dirty video for them for Idaho Gives day and last month, they asked if I was interested to make a couple of videos to promote the Pedal 4 the People events. Of course I said yes and here’s why:

  • I love bicycles and bicycling. I have 3.5 bikes for different occasions;
  • I believe the bicycle is one of the only human inventions that does not have a significant negative impact on people or planet;
  • Who isn’t happy while riding a bicycle?;
  • BBP activates Boise through their irresistible positivism;
  • I get to volunteer for an organization I believe in (BBP), for a cause I believe in (bicycling), doing the work I love to do which is storytelling through video;
  • Did I mention how they’re activating change in Boise through positivism?

That’s a lot of words. Here is the general Pedal 4 the People video featuring the music of the Boise-based band Lounge on Fire (with permission).

And here’s a video we made starring E&M to promote the Bike Prom which also features the music of Lounge on Fire (at the end).