Boise White Water Park. Aug. 15, 2017.

“None of us know what will happen. Don’t spend time worrying about it. Make the most beautiful thing you can. Try to do that every day. That’s it. You know?” – Laurie Anderson via Austin Kleon’s website.

Why do I embrace not knowing what happens next in art but not to the same degree in my life? Can I learn to embrace not knowing what’s next as this is always the state I’m in? What could happen if I worried less and created more?

What Happens Next?

  • The Stutterer” (13:05) – 2016 award-winning short. Great pay off at the end.
  • The Gunfighter” (8:49) – Directed by Eric Kissack and narrated by Nick Offerman.
  • CASTELLO CAVALCANTI” (7:45) – Directed by Wes Anderson, presented by Prada.


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