Combining the Separations

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.”

– Gertrude Stein

I love this quote from Ms Stein and accept it as a reminder to tell at least one person today how much I appreciate them. And so:

A Practice of Gratitude

The Table is Set

  • It’s Decorative Gourd Season Motherfuckers!” That’s the tone of this super short essaymerical rant. If you’re captivated by the title, you’ll likely enjoy this short read on McSweeny’s website.
  • For the day where many of us traditionally celebrate food: Salvador Dali always wanted to be a chef and published a surrealist cookbook, “Les Diners de Gala,” in 1973. The recipes are as exotic as his paintings and often include ingredients from opposite ends of the planet. He followed up in 1978 with an eccentric treatise on wine he wrote for his wife titled, “The Wines of Gala.”

And Then After Dinner

  • The Life-changing Magic of Taking Long Walks” This covers it from sleeping better, to having great ideas, to help against Alzheimer’s. “It’s the process that’s doing the work.”
  • Film Fest Forty-Seven (FF47). I like to call these curated film lists tiny film festivals. FF47 includes the comedy of Andre Hyland, stop-motion animation from Spain, some exquisite underwater cinematography, and more stories of living as a human.

Have a lovely day of Thanksgiving,

Jeff O.

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