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The Cinemagraph Experiment

Cinemagraph fountain in Ashland Oregon

May 1, 2017. It’s called a cinemagraph–part photo, part video. I’ve seen these around and decided to try making one using Peter McKinnon’s instructions in this video. This was made from a video I shot downtown Ashland, Oregon last fall.

Aerial Photography Mission: Silver City

Looking south from our place in Boise on a clear day I see the Owyhee Mountains. They seem huge from Boise. Google maps believes these are just over two hours from our place, but Google maps doesn’t know that I get lost driving through downtown Nampa’s one-way grid with streets named by number, direction, and designated “street” or “avenue.” It’s rare I get directionally confused, but Nampa, Idaho does it every time.

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Client Video: Boise State Appathon 2017

Every year, the Boise State Office of Information Technology hosts a 48-hour coding marathon on campus. We document the event throughout the weekend and then I take about 20 hours of video clips from our Canon camcorders, a Canon 80D, iPhones, and Go-Pros and edited this highlight reel of the event.

March 2017.

Sea Monster Spotted in Boise River

I spotted a sea monster in the Boise River along the greenbelt trail bicycling home from Boise State on March 1, 2017 and recorded photos and video. At first I thought it was a beaver, but then it looked like a sea turtle, and then, it clearly wasn’t a sea turtle.

Video Experiment: Tilt Shift Time Lapse

I’ve seen this effect in several videos and wanted to see how easy/difficult it is to accomplish this in Adobe Premiere (since I don’t have a tilt shift lens).

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The Garden Wars – short stop-motion film

The Garden Wars short stop motion film

It’s the Chickens vs. the Ducks in the Beulah Valley! What happens when “The Rab” (a sneaky rabbit) infiltrates the garden and “Wings” (protector of the garden) discovers his sister, Henrietta, has been “porching” with Blue Boy?

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A Moment Standing Still – Solstice 2016 Playlist

Winter Solstice–a moment the earth stands still before approaching perihelion, its coming closest to Earth–the magnetic magnitude fully felt–when electricity shifts and wind, and we turn slowly again toward the light. But until that turning, I can’t not look into where I’m becoming. Share the light

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Client Video: We Are the Office of Information Technology at Boise State

Wrote, directed, edited, and narrated video to show the scope and impact of the Office of Information Technology on the Boise State University campus. Principal photography by Jeffery Oliver. Additional photography provided by Boise State.

December 2016.

Knowledge Distracts

knowledge distracts us from our main purpose in life - tarkovsky

I heard this quote from Andrei Tarkovsky, that “knowledge distracts us from our main purpose in life,” in an interview/homage video titled “A Tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky” by “Five Minute Movies” on YouTube. The video captures some of Tarkovsky’s thoughts on art and life and that, for some, art is a spiritual pursuit. These ideas are more fully realized in his excellent collection of essays on filmmaking and art, “Sculpting in Time (Amazon).”

Beam Me Here Now


Beam Me Here Now

“I saw you beam down just now,” he says to me as I was tweeting about wanting a vegetarian corndog which may be more surreal than the conversation that followed. And I knew we would have a conversation–he had that look as he approached me on the sidewalk just past the intersection at Broadway and Myrtle.

“Which ship are you from? ‘X’ or ‘Y’,” he asked me. “X” and “Y” represent the names that I didn’t not hear clearly and that I did not recognize or know. He had a split in his lower lip–the kind of split more likely because of the cold dry air in Boise at the beginning of December than getting hit.

“I don’t think either,” I replied looking up from my phone and facing him. “Then are you from ‘Z’,” he asked suggesting he knew I was from elsewhere. Again, “Z” simply represents the name of a planet, or place, I’m not familiar with.

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