These Things: How Do I Have This Music?

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination. - Albert Einstein


There is a bass line stuck in my head that somehow escapes through my lungs and voice and I hear myself humming and hearing the steady arpeggiated chords played on a synthesizer. If I lightly clench my teeth and force the air through, it almost sounds like the sound I remember or think I remember hearing. I use my tongue against the roof of my mouth to add a type of plosive, lingual plosive, for percussive effect on the attack of each note. I imagine I am a synthesizer, that this tune came from inside me. No, that this tune came from a space inside me that when I’m working to evolve as a human being I connect with. I imagine this space, this self, my-self, as a concentric overlapping of other selves, or consciousnesses, or fundamental frequencies as I understand from my limited understanding of Jungian psychology. I’m pretty sure this bass line comes from the program ad for Echoes on PRI radio but it’s also inside me somewhere.

These things too inspired me or helped me recently: