EDITOR - I came into film from poetry so I consider myself an editor first. I would find stock video clips or shoot my own time lapse videos to play with music while I read and performed poems. Then I would record the live performance with the backdrops and realized I was making short films.

PRODUCER - I eventually become a producer leading a team of videographers, editors, and designers and we told stories about the University of Alaska Anchorage.

DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHER - More recently I’ve become a digital cinematographer and working on directing too. I love the process and the journey. Here are some of my favorites.

Feature Films now in Development

The Bailiff

Everything goes wrong when a small-town bailiff tries to become a vigilante hero to protect a married woman he loves.

Poco a Poco

Elizabeth Mikkelsen’s life as a composer and professional cellist changes abruptly when her grandfather’s unexpected death moves her from San Francisco to a small mountain town in Idaho.

The Garden Wars | a stop-motion short film

It's the Chickens vs. the Ducks in this short stop-motion film. Learn more about the production of "The Garden Wars."

The Garden Wars | a short stop-motion film.

Advertisement Videos

Boise Bicycle Project requested a short video to share on their website and social media to advertise their annual Pedal 4 the People event.

I shot this video one afternoon and had this video to them two days later. We were fortunate to be able to use the music of Lounge on Fire, a Boise-based band that played at P4P that helped inspire the energy of the event.

Boise Bicycle Project requested a video to share on their website and social media to advertise their Bike Prom.

I shot this video with volunteer actors in about six hours and delivered a draft in two days. This video utilized a Canon 80D and a DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone. Yes, and smoke grenades.

Event and Documentary Videos

Produced and edited mini-documentary from video shot by myself and others to document the 6th Annual Bronco Appathon 48-hour coding event at Boise State University.

Shot and edited post-event video of the Boise Bicycle Project Christmas Kids Bicycle Giveaway event in December 2018. BBP gave away hundreds of bicycles at this half-day event in Boise, Idaho.

Organization Informational Videos

Wrote, directed, edited, and narrated video to show the scope and impact of the Office of Information Technology on the Boise State University campus. Principal photography by Jeffery Oliver. Additional photography provided by Boise State.

Produced, shot, and edited monthly video update with Boise State University Chief Information Officer Max Davis-Johnson. Extensive use of green screen technique allowed me to visually reiterate what Max was talking about using background video and photography.

Instructional Videos

Wrote, shot, and edited a series of instructional videos on how to connect laptops to projectors in classrooms at Boise State University.

Wrote, shot, and edited a series of instructional videos on how to use the document cameras in classrooms at Boise State University.

Animated Informational Videos

Concepted, wrote, narrated, and edited animated video to announce the launch of a new technology for faculty at Boise State University.

Concepted, wrote, narrated, and edited animated video to illustrate the Boise State human resources talent acquisition process.

Misc. Personal Video Projects

RHODES. SUNRISE. (June 24, 2017) -- Weird little edit from bits and pieces of a sunrise session at Rhodes Skatepark.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY MISSION SILVER CITY (April 18, 2017) -- I drove down to Silver City, Idaho last spring to take some aerial photos and drone videos. Here's an impressionistic travel vlog of that day.

SEA MONSTER SPOTTED IN BOISE RIVER (March 1, 2017) -- I spotted a sea monster in the Boise River along the greenbelt trail bicycling home from Boise State on March 1, 2017 and I got video! 

Music: "Cross the Road" by Silent Partner