Poco a Poco | a feature film now in development

"Let's make some beautiful music together old friend." - Elisabeth Mikkelsen


The Story

Elizabeth Mikkelsen’s life as a composer and professional cellist changes abruptly when her grandfather’s unexpected death moves her from San Francisco to a small mountain town in Idaho where she must learn to move beyond grief and discover and her true self, little by little, poco a poco.

In music, the Italian term poco a poco is used along with another musical term to mean little by little or gradually over time. For example, cresc poco a poco, means to get louder slowly over time.

Cast and Crew

Producer, Writer, and Director: Jeffery Oliver makes films, poems and organic gardens in southern Idaho. Visit his website, www.jefferyoliver.com, to see what projects he’s up to. Follow Jeff on Twitter at twitter.com/jeffoffej.

Composer and Sound Designer: Eric Sandmeyer is a concert, dance, and film composer who lives in Arizona.

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